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Thomas Möbel shop specializes in delivering universal furniture to accommodation and office area. Designing a modern interior is a demend that we want to meet in our collections and sets. We create functional and tasteful furniture which is available for reasonable prices. Modern design requires from us more and more. Furniture has to be not only capacious but also attractive.

Functional and beautiful

Beauty and functionalism and ergonomics – these are features which connects all offers of Thomas Möbel. Each piece gives an interior unique character and successfully serve for many years. High quality of materials which are used in the production and also their effective combination give this outstanding elegance that distinguish us. We do not focus on one dominant style and that is why recommended furniture is range of may trends that are popular among customers. The offers of the shop will be appreciated by both fans of classical style and modern style. All the offers are considered comprehensively, they can be used to furnish any room from a bedroom and a living room to a children’s room, a home office and even community facilities. In our shop you can find wide range of fashionable and inexpensive furniture that is easy to match to a new arrangement or arrange it with items that are already a part of interior.

Individualization of a living space

As a manufacturer of furniture we are aware that each family is different. The needs of an individual household member are also different. That is why furniture from collections should be well suited to any setup within every room. Chest of drawers doesn’t have to be a necessary part of a bedroom. If it is small this piece of furniture can be moved to a living room. Using our furniture to arrange a room should ensure full individualization of a living space. It is important especially in a family that owns not a big living area so individual household members have to share a room with other people. Furniture that they will choose according to their taste gives them possibility to create their own characteristic place within a room. A place where you will rest with pleasure and which is comfortable according to our own needs. It means among other things a possibility of easy changing of individual items and moving them or carrying them into another room.

Our bestsellers

Thomas Möbel is furniture that fits into every interior design. Among real bestsellers are universal low tables, perfect for a coffee corner or for a living room set. Unflagging popularity and success have also solid wooden bunk beds, both the one for children and the one for adults. Our desk chairs have been accepted exceptionally well. With these chairs you can not only work but also take some rest. The desk chairs are ergonomic and back-friendly. They have got a lot of adjustments that can be fitted to individual likings, especially if they will be used by more than one person. The list of bestsellers changes depending on tastes and needs of our customers.