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Galia Provencal collection is elegant and stylish furniture.

Tasteful cupboard, original chest of drawers or classic cabinet are furniture which will give unique interior character.

A wide range of available features allows any furnishings in your house or flat.

Patterns used in the collection give the possibility for any arrangement of dining and living room.

Characteristic “uneven” structure of top’s edge marks the Galia collection from other furniture out.

To ensure the best comfort of usage in Galia collection has been used high quality furniture hardware.

Special lock system which adapts to weight and speed of closing doors allows the doors to be closed silently and gently. This system has been also used in guideways of the drawers.

Parts of the suite

- cabinet Galia 12 (width/height/depth: 106,8/200/ 45,3 cm)

- big double-door chest of drawers Galia 6 (width/height/depth: 180/87/45,3  cm)

- big mirror Galia 19 (width/height/depth: 167,2/80 cm)

- convertible table Galia 20 (width/height/depth: 140~220/90/77 cm)

- six chairs set Galia Z (width/height/depth: 2,5/94/43 cm)

Material & Color

- Main part of furniture is made from cellular wood panel.

- Shelfs in cabins are made of natural veneer.

- Colour of glass door: transparent glass, white window frame.

- Door hinge and guideways of the drawers with silently closing system.

- Top: cellular wood panel with solid wood edge veneer and natural veneer.


- Top – natura oak

- Main part of furniture and pedestal – matt white.

Furniture handlepatinated brass

 * Delivery without decoration

To the shown suite it is possible to order:

- small double-door chest of drawers Galia 01 (width/height/depth: 106,8/87/45,3 cm)

- double-door chest of drawers Galia 02 (width/height/depth: 120,8/87/45,3 cm)

- double-door chest of drawers Galia 03 (width/height/depth: 132,4/87/45,3 cm)

- small double-door chest of drawers Galia 04 (width/height/depth: 152,2/87/45,3 cm)

- medium double-door chest of drawers Galia 05 (width/height/depth: 167,2/87/45,3 cm)

- high 4 door chest of drawers Galia 07 (width/height/depth: 120,8/149,1/45,3 cm)

- left cabinet Galia 08(width/height/depth: 67,4/200,0/45,3 cm)

Construction & assembly: 

  •  The furniture are ready for use with the exception of the table for self-assembly 

  •  Number of packages: 9
    Pack 1: 182 x 50 x 90 cm, total weight 88 kg
    Pack 2: 
    109 x 50 x 202 cm, total weight 80 kg
    Pack 3:
    169 x 82 x 10 cm, total weight 11 kg
    Pack 4:
    150 x 98 x 17 cm, total weight 44 kg
    Pack 5:
    17 x 19 x 18 cm, total weight 7 kg
    Pack 6:
    91 x 42 x 12 cm, total weight 14 kg
    Pack 7: 45 x 45 x 86 cm, total weight 18 kg

    Pack 8: 45 x 45 x 86 cm, total weight 18 kg

    Pack 9: 45 x 45 x 86 cm, total weight 18 kg


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