• Modena

Furniture with light fronts and a light line are always an excellent choice when you are looking for something stylish and modern. Moreover dark tops with an interesting shape add this type of furniture some style which on the other hand brings some elegance to the whole room. The furniture collection Modena is such combination of originality and unique and elegant design. The combination of light colours on the fronts of furniture with darker wooden elements and also unusual tops in darker oak colour offer the furniture from this collection a unique design which will be a decoration of any room, both a dining room and a living room or a bedroom. Among the furniture from Modena collection there are both shelves, bookcases and cupboards and tables with more interesting look together with chairs with elegant look and coffee tables which will in our opinion perfectly pass an exam alone or as a suite with other classical furniture.

A wide range of available items in the suite allow to freely arrange a space in a particular room in a house or a flat. The design used in this collection gives the possibility of freely arrangement of a dining room or a living room and offers with this really stylish furnishing. The furniture form Modena collection is made in a one particular style and join more classical elements with modernity and simple form. But the furniture from this collection will surely suit taste of fans of untypical design. 

To take care of comfort of use in Modena collection were used high quality fittings and small stylish handles with silver colours what gives charm to the furniture. The special door closer system adjusts to weight and speed of closing door. Due to this system the door closes silently and gently. This system was also used in shelf runners and that is why closing all elements in the furniture is safe and noiseless. It doesn’t contribute to damage the furniture. The suite Modena is made from a board with high durability and scratch resistance and that is why it can promise customers durability for years.