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Dear customer, 
we would like to inform you that our company will soon be working on converting the online shop to a new platform. For this reason, our online shop will be closed from July 19, 2020 to July 26, 2020. Changing the internet platform does not affect open orders that are processed within certain deadlines. We invite you to shop in our shop from 27 July 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

We wish you a nice day and see you soon!

Your Thomas Möbel team

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Our shop is characterized by attractive prices and delivery to our customers’ homes so each of them could enjoy their new furniture without going to a shop or looking for their dreamy furniture in the whole city. We try to conform to diverse tastes and various needs and that is why not only furnishings to different rooms but also furniture matching many styles can be found in our offer. We follow the latest world trends in design and at the same time we maintain the quality of our products. We have wide offer of couple of thousands items – there can be found without any problem beautiful furniture for your whole house. We offer for sale all kinds of bookcases and single hanging shelves, solid wardrobes of different sizes and capacities, comfortable beds for children, adults and couples, beautiful corner sofas with sleeping function, tables with chairs and many more furniture.

Beautiful and useful furniture

We know that everyone values not only a unique style and a nice design but also comfort and usability of furniture in their homes. Each of us wishes that their home and nearest surroundings will not only fulfil the basic needs and demands but also would be a shelter. That it would be a place where you love to come back to and a place where you could boast.


Among products which are offered in our shop, you can find without any problem corner sofas to bedrooms and living rooms, tables, chairs and desks with its own unique appeal and also stylish and solid wardrobes. Due to outstanding ergonomics, precise workmanship and good materials, furniture that are bought in our shop will serve you for many years – they will be a perfect decoration of your house and a comfortable piece of equipment.

Attractive prices

It is good to know that you don’t have to spend a big amount of money to create in your home a stylish hallway and a gorgeous bedroom where you want to come back every night. If you want to change an ordinary living room into a beautiful salon where you would invite with pleasure your family and friends, you often need just one good distributor of high quality furniture and an original idea for an interior arrangement.

Wooden furniture is our speciality!

Above all we specialize in distribution of wooden furniture which serve as an equipment for a living room, a bedroom, a home office and a home library and also a dining room. We meet expectations of our customers mostly because of the deliveries that we offer: to order furniture in our shop there is no need to go to the city and spend couples of hours looking through offers of furniture’s stores. You don’t have to leave your house or even stand up from an armchair. You just have to visit our website, choose your dream furniture or a furniture set and order it straight to your home.


Online sales

We have started to sell furniture on the Internet almost immediately after starting our business. We recognised that having within reach such a rich tool – the Internet – we had to use it. Due to products that we offer online , we are able to reach everybody. Expanded form of ordering allows to deliver dream furniture to each house and flat.


When you look through our offer you can at once choose several or dozen various furniture and without any stress order them with delivery to your home on Germany premises for free and on Belgium and Holland premises for low costs. We really care about our customers’ pleasure and that is way we use our best efforts to deliver the ordered packages fast and securely. We give a guarantee of accurate restraint of ordered furniture so that they arrive in an ideal state. On the other hand, a date of delivery is fixed individually to fit into customers’ needs in the best way. We send our furniture using a specialized shipping company.